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Anna Herron, LMT #18404

I am a passionate student of health, wellness and the miraculous human body. I started my life’s work in the compassionate arts as a caregiver in 1996. A consuming passion for exercise science and nutrition took me back to school (Oregon State) and kept me in the gym where I began working as a Personal Trainer in 2008. It was there that I became interested in manual therapy as a means to better-help my clients with their various musculoskeletal and mobility issues. I subsequently went to school and graduated in 2011 with a Diploma with Honors in Massage, Sports Massage, and Spa Therapies from Everest Institute, Tigard, OR.

My education and experience greatly inform my approach to therapeutic massage as I aim to skillfully integrate a variety of modalities to achieve optimal results tailored for each individual client. 

In 2018 my career opened itself to working with professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, and MLS. I am continually adding to my knowledge and skillset, and excited where the future is taking me.